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Our property management and Cleaning services

We do room cleaning and make it look nicer.
Your guests will never feel more comfortable


You can chose a yearly contract or one-time service

  • Regular house cleaning
  • Bedmaking, Setting all the amenities and towels, take used bed linens and garbage out,
  • Regular routine clean up after your guests check-out.
  • Mowing, Fallen leaf clean up, Snow removal,and more.
    (Our professional partner company will expel annoying insects, harmful animals or bees.)

Price list

Details. Price
One-time service plans. Cleaning Light cleaning plan ¥4,800~
Mid cleaning plan ¥6,800~
Out cleaning plan ¥9,600~
Optional services Set the garbage bags and refill the detergents. ¥500~
Bedmaking and amenities and towels replacement, ¥1,000~per guest,
Bedmaking, Exchange bed linens and towels. (While guests are staying) ¥2,000~per guest.
Receive or send out postal packages for your guests. ¥500~per package.
Special cleaning services Remove Heavy bathroom stain ¥14,400~( Ask if it’s mirror only)
Remove scrubbed or molded water tap ¥4,800~
Fans or Air conditioners cleaning ¥3,000~
Dry the Futon ¥5,300~ (Down futon Japanese single size)
Window cleaning outside and inside ( roof skylight or irregular type of windows are not excluded ) Request free estimate.
Remove honey comb or annoying insects.
Snow removal. Repairing outside wall. House painting and more…
Yearly contracts Regular house cleaning
  • We clean your..Living room, bedrooms, Kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Whole house vacuuming, mopping,
  • We clear the dust of furnitures and other items.
  • We Wipe clean windows.(accessible )
¥115,200~/12 month.
House Maintenance.
  • Ventilate your rooms.
  • We make sure your electricity, water and gas service in good working condition and refill heating fuel.
  • Remove annoying insects
  • Making reports with pictures.
  • Keeping your house key.
  • Full house Inspection from inside and outside
Landscape gardening. Garden design. Request free estimate about Landscape gardening.
Keeping your garden clean
Mowing, removing Fallen leaf ,

※We inspect your house in person for a detailed estimate and needs
We make sure to estimate only services that you require.
Feel free to ask questions.

※make up beds with fresh linens price may vary depends on the type of fabric or size.

※Yearly contracts isn’t mandatory if you chose on call service.

Details. Out cleaning plan Mid cleaning plan Light cleaning plan
Take the garbage out,
Exchange the towels,
Vacuuming and Wiping,
Set up amenities, ×
Make up the beds with fresh linens ×
Clean up the Bathroom. ×
Clean up the Kitchen, do the dishes and put the dishes back in order., × ×

※Does not include linens fees and amenities fees. Price may change depends on the extent.


To make a Maintenance contract with us, We maintain your property through the year.
When we find any problems, we will take care of it immediately.

Yearly contracts

We do monthly house cleaning or seasonal maintenance or more.
We safely keep and use your house for the exclusive purpose of our service as agreed. You can get good services throughout the year with reasonable price.
Whenever a problem occurs, we make sure to take care of it immediately.

Our services for somebody say things like…..

  • We understand the annoyance it causes to seek maintenance each time a problem occurs.

※We will inspect your house in person to estimate exactly what are your needs.
We make sure to estimate only services that you require.
Ask us any question.

  • Springtime

    • water and sewer services inspection.
  • Summertime.

    • Inspect property management
    • Mowing
    • Inspect annoying insects or bees.
  • Autumn.

    • Make sure your landscape and house are not damaged by typhoon or heavy rain.
  • Winter

    • heating systems maintenance
    • Snow removal.

garden maintenance and cleaning

We make sure your garden looks beautiful to your liking for you to enjoy

One-time service plans

We are always available to serve you

You can pick any service at anytime you need.

  • You want air the house after a long vacancy.
  • You are going to have some guests on this weekend.
  • YYou need to put the things back but you don’t have a time for that.

※Please ask any question include about fees.

※For you to use our One-time service is not necessary to have Yearly contracts.

※We will inspect your house in person to estimate exactly what are your needs.

Company profile

Company mane Hokkaido MAPS Co,Ltd.
Founded in December 1992
Established in April 2016
President Masanobu Matumoto.
Office location Head office.
434-1,Hirafu,Kucchan-cho aza,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,JAPAN 044-0077
Yamada office
34-65,Yamada,Kucchan-cho aza,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido,JAPAN 044-0081
TEL 81-136-55-8939
FAX 81-136-55-8941
Business hours 9:00~17:00
Regular holiday NO
Services provided Cleaning and maintenance of Hotels, Condominiums, and Houses

Steps to make a contract.


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Start the servises.